The ownership and managerial authority of PRed are owned by Pineapple Chain (Macao) Technology Company Limited. (hereinafter referred to as Pineapple Chain Technology).

After agreeing to the PRed User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Terms), it means that the member is willing to abide by the provisions of this Terms when using the services provided by PRed. If the Member uses the service, it should be deemed that he/she has read and agreed to the terms and regulations in the Terms. At that time, the Member cannot claim that this Terms is invalid or request cancellation for reasons such as not reading contents of this Terms, not getting answers to the questions of the Member, not understanding the contents of this Terms, etc.

The Member understands and agrees that this Terms will be modified and updated from time to time by PRed in accordance with the update of laws and regulations of the Macao Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China and the provisions of this Terms and commercial factors and will be published on PRed or pushed notifications to the Member. By continuing to use the services of PRed, the member accepts the revised terms, agreements and rules. This Terms applies to web, mobile clients (including IOS, Android and any other mobile clients that have been or will be added in the future) and other platforms.

1. Definitions

1.1 PRed App: PRed is an innovative loyalty platform owned by Pineapple Chain (Macao) Technology Company Limited, which is based on blockchain technology. PRed members use PRed to enjoy discount and earn points, it means that members get special discounts and offers when they choose to spend with a PRed partner merchant. After pay-ing successfully, members will be able to earn and accrue reward points to their PRed wallet automatically. With accumulated reward points, members can choose the amount of available points they wish to redeem anytime and anywhere.

1.2 PRed: PReds are reward points based on blockchain technology. For every point that a member has earned, PRed platform will be saving one MOP to its bank account, that means 1 PRed always equals to 1 MOP(MOP 1:1PRed). PReds can be used to redeem for paying, or transfer to other members in PRed platform.

1.3 Member: the natural person who downloads, registers and uses the App services of PRed Platform and has full power for civil rights and disposing capacity.

1.4 Member Account: Once a member registers successfully, he/she will get the account number and the password and he/she should be responsible for all activities and events that due to login in the system with the ac-count number and password. The member’s area code and phone number are the only vouchers of the member’s account.

1.5 PRed Account: It’s the PRed wall account based on blockchain technology. Once a member creates the member account, the PRed platform will generate its PRed account synchronously, which is mainly used to manage PReds. The member’s PRed account and PReds are valid for a long time. When the member account is cancelled/frozen, the PRed account and PReds in it still exist but cannot be used.

1.5 Partner Merchant: refers to the business subject who publishes business information through PRed App, confirms discount offered to PRed member with PRed platform, and has contract relationship with Pineapple Chain Technology.

2. Service Contents of PRed

2.1 PRed App provides members with the following services:

2.1.1 PRed uses its own system to provide network services such as merchant information, consumption information and discount information for members.

2.1.2 After successful consumption and payment through PRed App, members will get the corresponding PReds.

2.1.3 Members use PReds to redeem the consumption amount through the PRed App.

2.1.4 Members give and receive PReds through the PRed App.

2.2 The PRed platform can only provide services for cities that have already opened services.

2.3 Members should prepare the following device and afford the following expenses:

2.3.1 Internet access devices, including but not limited to mobile phones, computers or other Internet terminals and other necessary Internet access devices;

2.3.2 Internet access expenses, including but not limited to network access fee, Internet device rental fee, mobile phone data fee, etc.

2.4 The registration information provided by the Member should meet the following requirements:

2.4.1 Ensure the legitimacy, authenticity, accuracy and validity of the personal information provided, and bear the responsibilities and losses arising therefrom.

2.4.2 If there is any change in personal information, the member should update it in time.

3. Provision, modification and termination of services

3.1 Members agree to accept various information services pushed by PRed while enjoying all services provided by PRed. Members agree that PRed has the right to inform members of information through information push, platform announcement, SMS, phone call, email and other forms.

3.2 PRed has the right to modify the service content or interrupt the service at any time, and is not responsible to the member or any third party without direct relationship.

4. Management and restriction of members’ information

4.1 The Member knows, understands and agrees that PRed may cover the collection, storage, use, sharing and protection of the member’s personal information in the process of providing services. When a Member uses the services provided by PRed, the Member agrees that PRed executes to collect, process, use and share relevant personal information in accordance with the Provisions of PRed’s Privacy Policy. PRed provides necessary information such as registration information and publishing records of members to public authorities (including judicial authorities and administrative authorities) in compliance with statutory obligations.

In addition, members understand and approve: PRed may cooperate with the third party and to provide relevant information services to members. In this circumstance, if the third party agrees to undertake the responsibility which equals to PRed’s Privacy Policy to protect the privacy of members, then PRed can give notice or get permission from public authorities, it has the right to provide the membership registration information to the third party. In addition, PRed has the right to analyze the entire database related to member accounts and make commercial use of the relevant database on the premise of not disclosing the private data of members.

4.2 After the member’s account is cancelled or the member is terminated to use of PRed, PRed has no obligation to keep or disclose any information in the account for the member or forward any information that has not been read or sent by him/she to the member or the third party.

4.3 After PRed ceases to provide services to members, PRed continue to reserve the following rights when the member agrees:

4.3.1 Continue to keep the registration information that the member has not deleted in time and all information published during the service period of using the PRed until the record keeping period stipulated by law expires.

4.3.2 During the period of using the Services of PRed, if a Member violates the terms and/or the service rules, PRed can still claim rights against the Member in accordance with the terms.

4.4 When members publish tasks and other activities online through PRed, PRed will be strictly confidential for related privacy information, such as member’s real name/name, address, telephone number. Unless getting permission of member’s authorization or laws as well as regulations and otherwise provided in this agreement, PRed will not disclosed members’ privacy information to the outside.

5. Membership rights

5.1 Members may change their profile picture and IDs by themselves after they become PRed registered members. Members’ profile picture and IDs should comply with relevant laws, regulations and network ethics.

5.2 Members have the right to obtain corresponding reward PReds according to the rules of PRed after successful consumption and discounted payment in partner merchants through PRed.

5.3 After successful consumption and payment through PRed, members can check all consumption records and conduct operations such as applying for refund through the member’s mobile terminal of PRed.

5.4 Members are entitled to participate in various online and offline activities initiated and organized by the PRed, and receive discounts or PReds as well as other rewards.

5.5 Members shall have the right to manage their own PRed account. They can use PReds to directly redeem the amount of consumption or give it to other PRed members in their own choice.

5.6 Members have the right to invite their friends to become members of PRed and earn commission according to the regulations of PRed.

5.7 Members have the right to enjoy other services provided by PRed in accordance with the regulations of PRed.

5.8 Members have the right to cancel their account by contacting the customer service of PRed. It should be noted that once the account is cancelled, it cannot be recovered. Please operate carefully.

6. Members’ obligations

6.1 Members shall keep and use their accounts and passwords carefully and reasonably, and take full responsibility for all actions, activities and events carried out through their accounts and passwords. If members discover any improper use of members’ accounts or any other situation that may endanger the security of members’ accounts, such as security vulnerability, they should immediately contact the customer service of PRed.

6.2 In order to ensuring the security of related account, members should not lend or rent their accounts without the written consent of PRed. Otherwise, they should undertake the full responsibility of the outcome. PRed has the right to refuse to provide service, freeze or cancel members’ accounts or the right to terminate this agreement. In addition, PRed may require members to compensate for any loss or damage suffered.

6.3 The Member agrees to take the risk of using Network services and PRed does not guarantee for any situation, which includes but not limited to: no guarantee for the service interruption, no guarantee on the timeliness, security and errors of the service. In addition, there is no guarantee for any services or transaction processes on the PRed or provided by third parties.

6.4 The Member understands and agrees that the consumer can earn consumption reward PReds (e.g. 20MOP=>1PRed means to consume every 20MOP, a member earns 1PRed) according to PRed Rate, and also can gain dynamic reward PReds with random percentage. It should be noted that if a member chooses to use PRed directly to redeem part or all of the payment, no new PReds will be generated. The member can only earn PReds based on the amount of payment paid by currency.

6.5 The Member understands and agrees that PRedcannot monitor the specific product or service quality of all partner merchants, and therefore PRed is not liable for any loss or dispute caused by product or service quality problems provided by partner merchants. The member should negotiate timely and directly with the partner merchant to solve the problem. PRed will provide necessary assistance according to the laws and regulations.

6.6 You understand and agree, if you require refund for a transaction, you should apply for refund according to refund process of PRed within 90 days from finishing the transaction. Otherwise, you cannot apply for refund after 90 days from finishing the transaction.

6.7 member understands and agrees that, in any case, PRed is not responsible for no service or delayed service caused by the normal maintenance of the device, the Internet connection failure, computer, communication devices or other system failures, power failures, hacker attacks, viruses, strikes, labor disputes, riots, insurrection, rebellion, insufficient productivity or productive resources, fire, flood, storm, explosion, war, government behavior, the command of the judicial administration or third party inaction.

6.8 The Member is amenable to relevant laws and regulations when using the services provided by PRed, and should not engage in any of the following acts that violate the provisions of laws and regulations, affect the normal provision of services or damage others common interests:

6.8.1 It is not permitted to use PRed or related services that endanger state security and political stability, or divulge state secrets. Do not infringe the state, society, collective and third party interests and cooperation rights; do not engage in illegal and criminal activities; do not set up websites or communication groups to implement fraud, imparting criminal method, making or selling banned items, illegal control items and other criminal activities; Do not use the Internet to post information including information of implementation of fraud, making or selling banned items, illegal control items and other criminal activities.

6.8.2 The following information should not be produced, published, copied, accessed, disseminated, stored or linked: opposing the fundamental principles established by the Constitution; endangering national security, divulging state secrets, subverting state power, inciting secession or undermining national unity; damaging the honor and interests of the state; inciting ethnic hatred or discrimination, or undermining ethnic unity; sabotaging the state’s religious policies, propagating cults and feudal superstitions; inciting illegal assembly, association, procession, demonstration or gathering of people to disturb public order; fabricating or spreading rumors, infringing on others’ rights, disturbing the economic and social order, undermining social stability; spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or abetting crimes; insulting or slandering other persons or infringing upon the lawful rights and interests of other persons; promoting terrorism and extremism; violating the local cultures and customs; containing other contents prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.

6.8.3 Do not engage in the following activities that endanger the computer information network security: cracking, destroying, deleting, modifying or adding to network services and related hardware and software devices; deleting, modifying or adding to the data and applications stored or transmitted in the computer information network; using software or hardware methods to steal others’ passwords or illegally break into others’ computer systems; deliberately creating or disseminating computer viruses or other destructive programs; other activities that endanger the security of computer information networks.

6.8.4 Do not copy and use unpublished or unauthorized files on the network. Unless asking for the express consent of the relevant copyright owner, do not conduct unauthorized cracking, dissemination, downloading or copying of copyrighted software or any other activity that infringes upon the intellectual property rights of any third party.

7. Intellectual Property rights

7.1 The operating system displayed on the PRed is independently developed and operated by the PRed with technical support. PRed has full rights for all data and information generated during the development and operation of the PRed services. The copyright, patent rights, software, trademarks, business images, commercial signs and logo, technical secret and skills used by PRed in providing all services belongs to Pineapple Chain Technology.

7.2 Pineapple Chain Technology owns the copyright of the content and resources of PRed, and has the right to modify and interpret all agreements, statements and rules of PRed. Without written permission from Pineapple Chain Technology, the member cannot publish, copy, reprint, change, quotes, links, download or use by any other means, or provide access channels to any other third party from PRed in any way. Otherwise, PRed will immediately terminate the member’s using qualification of PRed. Third parties must return or destroy materials created by using the content of the PRed according to the requirements and rules of Pineapple Chain Technology, and also bear the legal responsibility which Pineapple Chain Technology should bear for the situation, including but not limited to criminal, civil and administrative responsibility.

8. Dispute Resolution

8.1 In case of any dispute between members and partner merchants, PRed platform can assist the negotiation and mediation of disputes between members and partner merchants to the extent required by laws and regulations. If the Member agrees, PRed has the right to inform the parties of the dispute by telephone or E-mail and inform the other party of the information known by necessary means. In addition, The member has the right to request PRed to provide relevant information through judicial or law enforcement authorities, but the member should understands and agrees that PRed will not be liable for any dispute between the Member and partner merchants.

8.2 In case of any dispute between member and PRed due to the content or implementation of this clause, both parties should try their best to settle it through friendly negotiation. If no agreement can be reached through negotiation, either party may use the Macao court as the jurisdiction institution.

8.3 All disputes, claims or other matters arising from using the services by members on the PRed should be governed by the current laws of the Macao Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China.

If members have any questions or suggestions on this term, please contact the customer service department of PRed Platform during working hours

(tel: +85362926655;Email:

This Terms was written in Chinese and English respectively. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity of these two versions, the Chinese version should be prevailed.